Getting your Goya art appraised

What Kind of Goya appraisal do you need?

Goya Experts offers a complete range of appraisal services, from simple informal evaluations to formal official appraisals.

Why have your art appraised by a Goya expert?

An appraisal by qualified experts is essential for a number of reasons. We at Goya experts provide appraisals for every purpose, primary among which are, prior to a purchase to know that one is paying fair market value.  One will want insurance and a formal appraisal by acknowledged experts will be required. If you wish to move or ship the work it will need to have an established, supportable value.

Clearly, there are myriad important reasons to have a formal appraisal by accredited professionals such as Goya Experts. These include estate planning, valuation and distribution of an estate, divorce, tax considerations including a tax deductible donation, a gift, transport and shipping protection against damage or loss, establishment of inventory value, import and export, or prior to sale to support an asking price, and to update an old appraisal where the value may very well have increased.

Our appraisals are superior

At Goya Experts we go beyond the benchmark considerations of private sale and auction results, and published price guides and general opinions. It is important to bring our expertise, experience, understanding and skill to bear to make an informed opinion of the relative value of your de Goya artwork within the larger universe of all of his extant work.

If you need to appraise the value of any work by Francisco de Goya, you will receive quick, and courteous service to the highest professional standards from the appraisers at Goya Experts.


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