Authentication of Goya paintings and drawings

Goya Experts is an integrated team of specialists comprising researchers, art experts, scholars and appraisers working in tandem to study and authenticate all works by Francisco de Goya.

If your painting or drawing is determined by our experts to be by Goya we will issue a Certificate of Authenticity (COA) and a separate supporting report that explains what was studied, researched and how it was determined that your painting or drawing is an original and authentic work by Goya.

Even should your painting or drawing have been rejected before, we will re-examine and re-investigate everything with open minds. We know that an authentic Goya painting or drawing can be found by chance anywhere.

Among our advanced methods, we employ X-ray photography and other forensic measures to determine exactly how your painting was painted keeping mind that style and technique while important, is not the only way of authenticating a Goya.

A detailed investigation of provenance is key in a final determination. We will research historic records and archives -- a sometimes daunting task which is well facilitated in that we are fluent Spanish speakers able to investigate primary as well as secondary sources.

Whatever is deemed necessary to demonstrate if your painting or drawing is by Goya will be done in the course of our examinations.

We have been authenticating and appraising the works of Francisco de Goya for many years and our knowledge will be of great help in showing if Goya produced your painting or drawing.

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