Goya Avant-garde
Genius the
Master and his

Exhibition in Agen, France at the Musée des Beaux-Arts, Agen, 8 November 2019 — 10 February 2020 Curated by Adrien Enfedaque, Juliet Wilson-Bareau, and Bruno Mottin

One of the goals of the exhibition Goya Avant-garde Genius the Master and his School, is to propose a new approach to studying and attributing Goya’s works with emphasis on the particularity of his artistic process (from drawing to painting) and autograph works. The project of closely examining the work of Goya and his workshop (particularly Agustin Esteve and Asensio Juliá), and outside Goya copyists like Leonardo Alenze, could potentially lend new definition to Goya’s masterpieces versus the contributions of his workshop through documentation and technical analysis. Reports state that definitive attributions and re-categorizations will not be finalized until a thorough battery of scientific tests are completed on the Prado’s collection.