Goya Paintings
and Drawings

An unknown painting by Goya was discovered in a secluded palace in Spain in 1993. This painting, Hannibal the Conqueror viewing Italy from the Alps for the first time, was painted in 1770 when Goya was living in Rome preparing for a painting competition sponsored by the Academy of Fine Arts in city of Parma.

On May 27, 2008 a London-based newspaper, The Telegraph, announced that a set of three sketches by Goya were found after being lost for over 130 years. The sketches were last recorded at an 1877 auction in Paris. These Goya works were presumed lost when they came to light recently in a private Swiss collection. They are from Goya's private albums and were split up after his death.

Self-Portrait, Degas, 1855

Hannibal The Conqueror Viewing Italy From The Alps For The First Time, 1770

Down They Come ( Also Called Witches And Women), 1812-29

The Constable Lampinos Stitched Inside A Dead Horse, 1812-29

Self-Portrait, Degas, 1855

Repentance, 1812-29

Self-Portrait, Degas, 1855

The Immaculate Virgin, Circa 1781

The pages from these albums are now scattered all over the world. The three sketches are entitled:

1.Down They Come (also called Witches and Woman)

2.The Constable Lampinos Stitched Inside a Dead Horse